Strategy Trybe Xmas Freebies for members and well wishers

The flier showing the tile of the course with a picture of Ranti Atunwa

2021 has been a rollercoaster of a year, but as strategists we can’t hit the snooze button. At least not until clients’ 2022 plans have been put to bed.

To make next year’s planning and execution processes easier for members of the trybe and other strategists out there, we have decided to make available one of our sessions from the first ever Strategy Bootcamp that happened between April & May, 2021.

The course is “How To Give Feedback To Creatives”. It was taught by the renowned and award winning Ranti Atunwa, the Executive Creative Director of TBWA Concept. In this course, you will learn how to relate with your creative team and also learn how to move them from Good to Awesome! by:

  1. Learning how to give them feedback
  2. Increasing understanding (Reducing back and forth)
  3. Increasing turn around time
  4. Learning how to bond with them

This course will be accessible from December 19 to 24.

You can access your feebie here: https://bit.ly/327ebNT

NB: Please do not hesitate to share with those who really need this course.

Enjoy your holiday.

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