We want to be the most popular & the most preferred Strategy Community in Africa.


We intend to achieve this through:

  1. Building a community
  2. Training & Recruitment
  3. Networking & Mentorship
  4. Hangouts
  5. Strategy Awards
  6. Building the largest Marketing Communications Case Studies in Africa

About Us

Strategy Trybe is a community of Strategists and Account Planners created to support & groom Strategists & Account Planners in Nigeria 🇳🇬 & Africa. We provide opportunities for Career Growth in Strategy & Account Planning.

It was founded by Sherif Lanre Akinpelu in 2018. He noticed that there was a gap between the older generation of Strategists/Account Planners and the younger generation.

We are currently losing the older generation to Consultancy firms and some of them are setting up their agencies or consultancy service firms. Also, majority of them are close to their retirement age, if they are not retired already.

Thus, Strategy Trybe was created to be the bridge between these two generations. Furthermore, we also noticed that a lot of Strategists and Account Planners are springing up without adequate support.

Below are some of the challenges practicing Strategists and Account Planners are facing in Nigeria and Africa:

  • Lack of hands-on Strategy/Account Planning Schools

  • Lack of Strategy/Account Planning Curriculum in Tertiary Institutions

  • Lack of local Strategy Awards & Case Study Reports

  • Some agencies don’t appreciate the contributions and significance of their Strategist/Planners

  • Inadequate collaboration between some Clients and their Agencies’ Strategists/ Planners

  • Shortage of Mentorship opportunities

  • Failure to establish proper structures to facilitate and ease the issue of succession in agencies

  • Failure to address the knowledge gap between generations of Strategists/Account Planners etc.


These are some of the gaps Strategy Trybe is trying to fill…