Full Disclosure: The Secret Ingredient of Effective Brand Campaigns

A handshake represents the willingness to be fully transparent between clients and agencies

In today’s hyper-connected world, consumers crave authenticity. To meet this demand, brands and agencies must embrace full transparency and collaboration at every stage of campaign planning.

As a creative and digital strategist with almost a decade of experience in Marketing, eCommerce, and digital transformation, I’ve seen firsthand the transformative power of trust and open communication. When clients share their brand story, current metrics, internal goals, and target audience insights with complete transparency, it empowers agencies to develop truly resonant creatives. Imagine the difference between a generic digital script and one that captures the brand’s unique tone and values – that’s the power of full disclosure.

Transparency Goes Beyond Providing Basic Product Information

Candid conversations about internal challenges, brand aspirations, and even past marketing missteps are goldmines for creative teams. Knowing the “behind the email” details helps agencies develop solutions that address specific needs and avoid repeating past pitfalls. The common pushback to this is the expectation that the agency should assume the responsibility of engaging in a goose chase to get these details even in retainer scenarios. 

More often than not, this subtly introduces friction to the coexistence of both teams. Asking your agency to research and bring to light internal challenges and past marketing missteps should never be considered as a metric to determine the agency’s rigour. But this would be a conversation for another day.

The King, The King’s Gate Keeper & The King Maker

As most agency folks would annoyingly agree, “The brand team is King”. After one too many rounds of feedback and iterations, agency folks often lower their voices just to let the deck fly. But if the brand team is king, the king’s gatekeepers are the agency folks working beyond regular office hours to make the magic happen!

Think of the agency and client as co-pilots on a creative journey. With full disclosure, the lines blur between “them” and “us”. Ideas flow freely, fostering a collaborative environment where the best solutions rise to the top. Imagine a brainstorming session where both sides openly share ideas, leading to a campaign that surpasses initial expectations. When this happens, the consumers choose and stick to their preferred brands; the consumers – the true kingmakers.

Openness Is A Two-Way Street

Of course, openness needs to be a two-way street. Agencies should clearly explain their creative process, the rationale behind campaign elements, and potential risks and rewards. 

This is where platforms like Strategy Trybe strive: creating a platform where agency sharp minds and brand heroes come out to play, embrace full disclosure, hinge on a foundation of trust, unearth hidden gems, and foster collaborative innovation. Ultimately, this translates to more effective campaigns that resonate with target audiences and achieve business objectives.

So, next time you embark on a creative journey, remember Peter said: “…transparency is not just a buzzword; it’s the secret ingredient your brand needs..”

Picture of Peter O. Adesanya, arpa

Peter O. Adesanya, arpa

Peter is the Deputy Group Head, Digital Strategy at The Redwolf Company. You can connect with him @PeetahPublicist across all social media platforms

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